Thursday 8th September

| BY Dan Richardson

J.W.Anderson To Curate Special Exhibition At Hepworth Wakefield


I mean, you had us at J.W. We’ll pretty much subscribe to anything that emerges from J Dubz’s mind, especially when it is as exciting and culturally nourishing as this. Yep, he’s curating an exhibition this March entitled ‘Disobedient Bodies,’ held at the Hepworth Wakefield, all about the visual arts that inspire him and influence his work. Naturally, the artists he will exhibit are a bevy of heavy hitters, from artists Barbara Hepworth, Sarah Lucas and Henry Moore to fashion legends Rei Kawakubo Christian Dior, Helmut Lang and Jean Paul Gaultier. It’s almost enough to drag a boy north of the M25. But that’s not all, Anderson will collaborate with Tom Emerson and Stephanie Macdonald of 6a architects on the design of the exhibition. Extra depth, apparently. J Dubz said via a statement, “I want the exhibition to mirror the speed and unexpected encounters that characterise the way in which we consume images today, as well as being a space in which to explore ideas of gender and identity that have been an ongoing part of my creative practice.” Maybe fashion and art can finally be the besties they’re meant to be?

Disobedient Bodies: J.W.Anderson will take place at The Hepworth Wakefield and runs from March 18th-June 18th, 2017