Monday 12th September

| BY Dan Richardson

J.W.Anderson Workshops to Host WORLD OF M/M X Toshiki Collab

Seriously limited. Isn’t it lovely when you are extremely likely never ever to see anyone else wearing a piece you have? Watching everyone around you staring at your outfit with longing eye, whilst you know that they can never have it. Ahhh, limited. What a magical word. And, this is now possible thanks to J.W.Anderson and the J.W.Anderson Workshops who have teamed up with World of M/M and Toshiki to offer an extremely limited run of totes, duffel backpacks and two styles of un-sized, unisex sweaters. The totes and duffels are the collaborative work of World of M/M and Toshiki, while the sweaters, World of M/M and our very own J Dubz. When I said limited I really meant it – each sweater style will be limited to a mere 10 pieces each. Plus with only twenty bags available in total over the two styles, every customer will have completely a unique colour that you literally won’t see anywhere else. Basically, don’t fall too in love because they’ll probably have long disappeared by the time you get your grubby paws on them. All one can hope for (bar a physical altercation in the store) is to catch a glimpse of one of these pieces hanging off a chic FP at fashion week.

All products will be launched exclusively at the J.W.Anderson Workshops from 17th September, 2016. Go in store at 100 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JQ, or shop online.