Wednesday 2nd April

| BY 10Magazine

Jil Sander 10 Looks I Read A Review Somewhere Of


I read a review somewhere of the Jil Sander spring/summer show in which the clothes were described as “accidental tourist”. Which sort of automatically makes you think of a depressed William Hurt in the film The Accidental Tourist. Until you see the clothes.

They are far too joyful and exuberant. They do have a weird undercurrent of tourist to them. Well, gap-year student. It’s the proportion of the short. Baggy and oversized with a wide turn-up. It falls below the knee. It’s tailored, though, sort of like a smart bermuda short. That is where the tourist element ends. The rest is pure Jil. Clean and precise. Narrow trousers are paired with crisp white shirts that have been dipped in neon pink or orange. The neon finds its way into the suits, too. It’s as though the collection has been electrified by a rogue lighting bolt. The white and navy PVC coats only amplify this. These are fashions that could power a small metropolis.

Photographer: Jason Lloyd-Evans

By Natalie Dembinska