Friday 23rd October

| BY Jack Moss

John Galliano to design menswear for Maison Margiela

John Galliano

Menfolk, listen up – John Galliano is adding menswear to his line-up at Maison Margiela. Which is good news for those gentlemen found attempting to squeeze themselves into a size 10 Margiela artisanal look, protesting “it fits, it fits!” You know who you are. Now, we will have a collection all to ourselves, no doubt perfectly tailored to our masculine forms. Which obviously all us boys in Ten Towers have. Natalie will also be pleased, considering her penchant for an item of men’s clothing. As if this wasn’t enough John Galliano news for a Friday afternoon – word is that Galliano will also be overseeing a new perfume for the brand. Considering the his Diptyque candle (yes, that happened) was made to smell like “Russian leather” (one of his favourite smells, apparently), it’s safe to say we’re excited. It’s also safe to say we’ll be doused in it when it is released in 2017, when the Ten office is probably best avoided. We’ve never been ones for restraint.