Friday 4th November

| BY 10Magazine


So there we were, at Somerset House, sitting on those white benches that are more like plywood rectangles that have been hastily nailed together the night before, waiting for what was rumoured to be the debut of the season. The JW Anderson ladies collection. Well, not debut really, but his first show devoted only to lady fashions. We’d heard there would be a lot of navy. We like navy. We also like Jonathan. Much of our waiting time was spent weighing up the merits of being in the red compared to being in the black. Bank balance-wise. Though black is more sensible, red is much better with navy. Black and blue is too bruise looking. And we bruise easily. Last we heard, matching your clothes to the exact shade of your most recent injury wasn’t the done thing. The show starts. It was just like the boys’ stuff. But with skirts. And mohair. And hiking boots with funny whiskers. We would go into more detail. But then Sarah Mower wrote about it. You can look it up. L O V E D it, she did. So instead, here’s Jonathan. On his clothes. Keeping things nice and concise. To the point, like.

She’s at the bus stop, waiting for the 38. She’s on her way to the Trocadero. What’s she wearing?

“Kid mohair trousers and a paisley top. A jumper around her waist. Something a bit boyish, rich meets poor and a tiny bit psychotic.”
If she emptied her pockets what would fall out?
“She carries nothing with her, maybe a debit card and smokes.”  

She looks strict. Is she? Strict mistress? Closet dominatrix type? It’s always the quiet ones.
“She’s not that quiet… And she knows what she wants. Dominatrix maybe, it depends on her mood.”

Mohair. Better for snuggling up to than a teddy bear?
“A mohair jumper – a legitimate teddy bear for grown-ups.”  

Paisley. The new dip dye?
“Dip dye part (ii)”

by Natalie Dembinska