Thursday 2nd August

| BY Dino Bonacic


While the fashion industry still considers Jonathan Anderson the sweet darling baby of fashion (and he definitely is very sweet), the fact is – he’s been in the business for over 10 years. But what J-Dubz does best is keeping up with the new, the fresh and the cool. He was one of the first to show us the talent of Jamie Hawkesworth. Thanks for that! He was also the one to completely reinvent an old Spanish leatherwear brand into a luxury fashion house. Yes, it’s Loewe we’re talking about. A corny expression it might be, but Jonathan Anderson has his finger on the pulse. Last season, he decided to look for a new Jamie Hawkesworth – an open call for young talent went around the world. 1813 photographers applied, 50 were shortlisted, three of which were chosen as the winners with an opportunity to shoot the JW Anderson’s next campaign. The time is now. Julie Greve, Simons Finnerty and Yelena Beletskaya each captured their own vision of the brand’s AW18 story, the awkwardly romantic tale of fashion presented back in February at London Fashion Week. And as you would expect from new talent – the outcome is delightfully different than your average fashion campaign. Veiled in a positively fresh attitude towards the state of the industry we’re currently in, the new JW Anderson campaign is a great reminder that trusting those with less experience and more enthusiasm sometimes does pay off. Boom, boom, bang – these are the new kids on the block!