Tuesday 20th October

| BY Jack Moss

Karl Lagerfeld: A Visual Journey Exhibition


Karl Lagerfeld fans rejoice! Not content with hosting the blockbuster Chanel exhibition, Mademoiselle Privé, currently taking over London’s Saatchi Gallery, an exhibition of his photographic oeuvre has just opened in Paris. Having once declared, “I am not a traveller. I hate it,” Mr Lagerfeld will no doubt be pleased that this one is on more familiar Gallic soil. Held at the Pinacothèque de Paris, the exhibition is entitled “Karl Lagerfeld: A Visual Journey”, promising to take attendees on a glamorous sojourn through his portraits, campaigns and personal images on everything from architecture and landscape. But Lagerfeld has always been a keen innovator, and the exhibition also showcases his experiments with Polaroids, daguerreotypes and some rather scary sounding “fire-etchings” in which photos are printed on glass. There’s even a life size Lagerfeld – well, just because. “People always want to know about my style of photography. I can’t answer that,” Lagerfeld said. “That’s up to viewers to decide. I don’t have a style, but several, or none. You should never stay still, neither in life, nor in fashion, nor in photography.” The exhibition was curated by Gerhard Steidl and Eric Pfunder, Chanel’s director of image – “this is Karl Lagerfeld. You see what he sees,” Pfunder said. See what Karl sees? Oh, what wonders are sure to await…

Karl Lagerfeld: A Visual Journey is on at the Pinacothèque de Paris until March 20th 2016