Monday 17th March

| BY 10Magazine

Karl Lagerfeld Emojicon App Available It Is Said


It is said that an emoji is worth a thousand words. But when you want to talk fashion, as we so often do, there’s only so far a smiley poo can take you. So what’s a guy to do? In steps Karl. If launching a European flagship and designing a Macau hotel wasn’t enough on top of his existing duties, Monsieur Lagerfeld has now launched a language-based app, aptley named (get it?) emotiKARL. Install and you will have a selection of distinctly Karl-flavoured emojis sitting at your disposal. I mean what better way to express emphatic adulation at the latest Chanel show than with a gloved thumbs up? And a smiling Choupette? That’ll have all your emojiconal needs covered.

By Ted Stansfield