Friday 14th March

| BY 10Magazine

Karl Lagerfeld European Flagship Launch How Does


How does he do it? Is there some kind of cloning system in place, as frankly- there can’t be enough hours in the day for Mr. Lagerfeld to accomplish what he does. Just last week Ted discussed the forthcoming Karl Lagerfled hotel in Macau- which left us with a bubbly feeling in our tums- that usually alerts desperate fashion desire. The hotels not yet taking bookings (we think- obvs hounding the PR’s for a definite answer), but get this- it seems the fashion gods have answered our prayers, and given us a little dose of something else Karl related in our very own London Town. Yes, the man himself is pictured yesterday evening at the official opening of his new European flagship- a mere stones throw from chez 10 over on Regent Street. We’re loving the pair of mini me’s. They’d make a rather nice addition to our desks actually. A daily dose of Karl for when we can’t even be bothered to walk that total of 30 steps for a lunch time rifle through his wares. Y’know- if we’re feeling a little worse for wear on a Monday or something. 

By Vincent Levy