Thursday 4th May

| BY Finn Blythe

Karl Lagerfeld Named Guest Of Honour At Paris Photo 2017

Fresh from recreating the Acropolis for Chanel’s Cruise show yesterday, this afternoon we’ve received word that renaissance man Karl Lagerfeld is set to be honoured at this year’s Paris Photo fair. Which begs the question: how the bloody hell does he do it? Because banish any thoughts of “guest of honour” being a term to make someone feel important, Monsieur Lagerfeld will be getting his hands dirty (not literally, he’ll be doing a glove), giving his god-like verdict on the snappers showing at this year’s fair. Picturing Karl shuffling between exhibits, Choupette under arm, doing a Miranda Priestley-esque lip curl at those photographers that don’t satisfy his tastes. The lucky ones that do receive Karl’s seal of approval, though, will find themselves immortalised in a big shiny book, set to be published by Steidl later this year. Speaking ahead of the event, Karl said: “today photography is part of my life. It completes the circle between my artistic and professional restlessness.” If only we had such an affliction!