Monday 21st October

| BY 10Magazine

Karl Lagerfeld The Paper Doll Do Not Be


Do not be surprised if you walk past the Lagerfeld Paris boutique and happen to find yourself staring at a paper Karl and Choupette do not scream in terror as they have not been in some sort of intergalactic shot out, where an enemy laser has transformed him and his cat from flesh and blood into paper. Instead he’s been rendered in paper doll form by Japanese artist, Shin Tanaka. Each doll is inscribed with one of karl’s pearls of wisdom, in the case of these that pearl is ‘personality begins where comparison ends". The dolls are part of the annual Parcours Saint-Germain, a display of contemporary works in Left Bank neighborhood. The only question is, will these spark a paper doll renaissance and when is the Karl Lagerfeld paper doll book coming out?