Monday 17th October

| BY Jack Moss

Karl Lagerfeld To Launch A Line Of Hotels And Clubs


Because what else is a Kaiser to do but expand his empire? Yes, this morning, whilst the rest of us drag our way through the menial tasks that make up our Monday mornings, WWD revealed that Mr Karl Lagerfeld is adding yet another enterprise to his already crammed list of duties by launching his very own hospitality brand. Not, as it sounds, anything to do with mass catering or waiters-for-hire, because, to quote (probably) Mr Lagerfeld “ugh, food” – but hospitality as in: hotels, clubs, the whole shebang. Clearly levels of fabulousness will reach heights only previously experienced in my head whilst in bed, asleep. And really, who wouldn’t want to stay, as it were, inside Karl Lagerfeld? This is not his first time dabbling in the world of luxurious accommodation – he recently designed the swimming pool at the Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo and before that took part in a 270-room hotel design project in Macau. Pierpaolo Righi, president and chief executive officer of Karl Lagerfeld, said the move is to “broaden Karl Lagerfeld’s comprehensive lifestyle experience.” Tony Kurz, CEO of Brandmark, who are uniting with Karl on the project, agreed, saying that the concept “celebrates the designer’s unique talent and approach to fashion and lifestyle.” Stay tuned.

Photograph by Jason Lloyd-Evans