Monday 1st August

| BY Jack Moss

Katie Baron Explores Fashion And Music In New Book

fashion and musicIf one was to ever question the link between fashion and music, I would point them towards video footage of our Editrix-in-Chief, Sophia Neophitou, clad in a pair of 6-inch Alaia boots, brandishing a karaoke microphone and blasting out a haughty rendition of Hotel California. Yes, we love a sing-song here at Ten Towers, well, apart from me, who unfortunately, due to a singing voice that can quite rightly be deemed as “shocking”, has been banned from wielding my pipes either at the office or at external fashion functions. “What the fuck is that noise?” is a common reaction. Anyway. Katie Baron knows music. And she definitely knows fashion. Lucky, then, she’s decided to write a book about the link between them, titled, Fashion + Music: Fashion Creatives Shaping Pop Culture. This is all about the people behind the popstars, the stylists and creatives behind the looks that have defined an era or decade – from Madonna to the Sex Pistols, David Bowie to Lady Gagz. There’s plenty of intelligent commentary and interviews, but, for those less inclined to actually read words, lots of nice piccies to look at too – from editorial shoots to music video stills. “This book focuses on the power of fashion as a make-or-break tool within the music industry’s creative process,” says the blurb, “making it an essential reference point for anyone interested in fashion’s role as a medium with which to innovate, communicate and build enduring brands.”

Fashion + Music: Fashion Creatives Shaping Pop Culture by Katie Baron is £30, published by Laurence King