Wednesday 24th October

| BY Dino Bonacic

Keira Knightley Becomes A Fashion Rebel With Chanel’s Coco Crush Jewellery

If we got a penny for every time we read a Gabrielle Chanel quote on Tumblr… We’d probably have enough to get ourselves one of her 2.55 bags. But now, the brand is proving how their rebellious spirit isn’t about a set of motivational quotes. It represents a lifestyle of bending the rules and creating your own. Here, actress and Chanel aficionado Keira Knightley is covered in the brand’s Coco Crush fine jewellery line, boasting in simple lines and embellished with the heritage stitching elements. More is more, and don’t let no one else tell you otherwise. Just like Coco made her own fashion etiquette, the stunning Keira is showing off hers. “I always add and never remove,” she says while glaring at the camera, stacking up her chunky multi-toned Coco Crush rings. If we had all those pieces in our jewellery box, we’d never stop adding on…