Wednesday 25th May

| BY Jack Moss

Kenzo Are The Next H&M Collaboration

Enjoy Kenzo? Have minimal funds? Much enjoyment is to be gained, then, from this morning’s announcement that Carol Lim and Humberto Leon will be the latest brand to collaborate with Swedish-fash giant, H&M. Kenzo will follow in the well-heeled footsteps of Comme Des Garcons, Margiela and Balmain, amongst many other fashion luminaries. Like Madonna. Remember that? No? Probs best. Carol Lim said to Vogue Runway this morning, “collaborations are part of our DNA through Opening Ceremony. We’re in company with a great list of people who’ve done [collaborations with H&M], and it felt like a nice platform, to do something in a really big way. It felt like we could make a large impact doing something with them.” Humberto added, “to us, the H&M collaborations have always felt like celebrations of the brands they’ve done them with. They’ve done them so well. We’re fans of all of them—the Viktor & Rolf, the Margiela. They’re so iconic.” And it’s coming soon – the collection with hits stores on November 3rd, following a show in mid-October. The countdown begins.