Wednesday 20th April

| BY Jack Moss

King Karl Dismisses Retirement Rumours


Sighs of relief all round – this morning, Mr Lagerfeld swiftly dispatched those nasty little rumours that next month’s Chanel Cruise show in Cuba is to be his last. As one of the members of the royal household (a Chanel spokesperson) announced this morning, “the rumours about Mr Lagerfeld discontinuing the collections and the cruise collection show in Cuba being the last are unsubstantiated”. So there you have it. In writing. Whoever would trust those old hacks at Page Six anyway? And, as if to prove he is going nowhere, King Karl was spotted via Snapchat on set with Ms Kendall Jenner on the Fendi campaign shoot just yesterday, for which Ten Towers is exhaling a collective “thank God”. Because, quite frankly, planet fashion without Karl wouldn’t be worth living. Long live le King!

Photograph by Jason Lloyd-Evans