Tuesday 8th November

| BY Jack Moss

Lady Gaga To Play Donatella Versace


Possibly birthed out of the same superhuman peroxide blonde-producing machine, chanteuse Lady Gaga and fashion designer-cum-living legend Donatella Versace bear more than a striking resemblance, as demonstrated by the above SS14 Versace campaign. Probs why, then, in news announced over the weekend, director Ryan Murphy has picked the songstress to play Donatella in the third season of American Crime Story, telling the story of the 1997 murder of Donatella’s brother, Mr Gianni Versace. This, of course, will not be outside of the realms of possibility for Gaga – not only has she appeared in the above campaign, clad herself in many an opulent Ver-sayce get up and posed on a balcony with Donatella and a small curly-haired dog (Google it), she also penned a musical love letter to the designer on her album Artpop: Donatella. Which, presumably, can offer her some tips on playing the fash icon – mainly that one must be ‘so fab’, ‘blonde’, ‘skinny’, ‘rich’ and ‘a little bit of a bitch’. Other traits, as suggested by the song, would be to get a spray tan in Taipei, fill one’s handbag with a black card/tiara, smoke Malboros, drink champagne, ask one’s gay friends their advice and never make yourself throw up if you’ve eaten is that day is salad. Otherwise, do. Will she go method? Lady Gaga is a firm favourite of Ryan Murphy, previously appearing in his other series, American Horror Story, where she played The Countess in AHS: Hotel and, more recently, a sexually insatiable wood nymph/witch in AHS: My Raonoke Nightmare. I mean. It’s going to be fab-u-lous.