Thursday 24th March

| BY Jack Moss

Late At Tate Britain with Tracey Emin’s Bed

Tracey Emin Bed

Dearest bed. I’m sorry that I replaced you when the mattress broke. You were just so creaky, and I was moving house. I know that I got you for free, from a Liverpudlian named Daniel, but you were mine, and I miss you. I miss the meals I ate in you. The TV we watched together. Do you remember when I wept to the Season 10 finale of Gray’s Anatomy? You held me, bed. And I appreciated it. I should have shown it at the time. Then there were the final days, before I eventually unscrewed you and left you by the bins. We weren’t good for each other, bed. It was getting too intense. Too toxic. I couldn’t leave you alone, and you needed to be free. Maybe you found someone else. But that’s okay. And wherever you are, I’ll be thinking of I will be thinking of you next Friday. Because it’s this thing called Late At Tate Britain, and it’s all about Tracey Emin’s bed. Which she loved too. Loved so much she made it into an installation and showed the world. And that’s what the first Late At Tate Britain is all about. Her bed. There will be music, performances, discussions and workshops, apparently. And then there will be another one every couple of months. Maybe one day you could come along? I mean, if you wanted to?

Late at Tate Britain is free, Friday 1st April, 18.00–22.00