Sunday 6th January

| BY Dino Bonacic

Liam Hodges: Menswear AW19

And back to the future we went thanks to Liam Hodges and his AW19 show. Recognising the pre-apocalyptic world we’re living in, Liam is getting ready for the whatever danger is ahead. “Fashion has overdid nostalgia that attempts to cash in on your impossible longing for a perfect you and a perfect time, that doesn’t exist now and actually never did,” the show notes read. Harsh? Perhaps. Refreshing? Absolutely. Young designers have been turning to that feeling of longing for a long time now, and together with a few others at London Fashion Week Men’s, Hodges is finally changing this up.

Patchwork-like crepe nylon trackies, bleached denim twinsets, space boots and gloves, multicoloured camo print… An element of activewear also came courtesy of the collaboration with Italian heritage brand Ellesse, which appeared throughout, both with ready-to-wear and footwear. The show felt like a call for action and a bootcamp for a life between dimensions. But despite this almost militant futuristic outlook, there was still elements of inspirations that came before. As soprano Honey Rouhani performed a Toni Castells-composed aria during the finale, we couldn’t help but fight the feeling of being in a stage revival of the 5th Element. But make it fashion.

“The Martians are coming to save the Earth,” a white tee said, layered over a printed neon yellow shirt. And when they do, we expect them to be wearing some Liam Hodges, just like us.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans