Friday 27th March

| BY Helena Fletcher

Step Inside the Studios of Loewe’s Craft Prize Artists and Artisans with Loewe En Casa

Are you looking forward to your next in-weekend? Between doing Yoga With Adriene, improving your culinary abilities and considering bleaching your hair there are some really good things happening this weekend URL this weekend. Alighieri will be live streaming an Art Therapy class with Alexandria Coe via @alighieri_jewellery on Sunday, 29th March at 11:00 (GMT). Bottega Veneta’s residency continues with a recipe from culinary artist Laila Gohar on Saturday, 28th March at 10:00 (GMT) and film content, yet to be announced, streaming on Sunday. To keep you creative juices flowing Loewe have also announced a new series of digital workshops and events called Loewe En Casa. That’s “Loewe at Home” for all of you that skipped GCSE Spanish.

Via Instagram Live Loewe En Casa will, in typical Loewe fashion, celebrate craft. Artists and artisans from the Loewe’s Craft Prize community will partake in an ongoing series of talks, conversations, live performances and studio tours streaming from across to the globe, that you can enjoy all from the comfort of your own home. The series kicked off today with a demonstration by textiles artisan Idoia Cuesta. Tomorrow master goldsmith Giovanni Corvaja will be taking you on a tour of his studio at 11:00 (GMT). Then on Sunday, with floral artist Watarai Toru you can look forward to an Ikebana (translated directly as: ‘making flowers alive’) tutorial from Japan. It’ll be in Japanese but you’ll definitely learn a thing or two. More will be announced soon, but if that wasn’t enough to be getting on with the Loewe Foundation are releasing poems on their Instagram (@loewefoundation) to keep up morale. You’ve really got no excuse now to not stay in and stay safe.

Artwork by Giovanni Corvaja, image courtesy of Loewe.