Wednesday 28th October

| BY Jennifer Raymont

Viviane Sassen’s New Louis Vuitton Campaign Takes Us On a Trip to Iceland

After a summer of stay-cations where we all pretty much exhausted the deepest, darkest depths of the English countryside, we were all looking forward to getting some much-needed winter sun. Tier 2, however, had something else in mind… The brilliant minds at Louis Vuitton, under Virgil Abloh’s direction, have come up with the perfect compromise. The house’s new 2020 brand campaign takes us on a voyage of discovery to glorious Iceland. Thanks to Viviane Sassen‘s beautiful photography, we are transported to explore the serene country’s diverse landscapes from the comfort –and warmth, in comparison to Iceland’s monumental glaciers – of our own homes.

Following a year of craving the great outdoors, the fashion house has made sure nature is at the forefront of this campaign, with a few LV monogrammed accessories scattered here and there. Imagination, joy and freedom are overwhelming – in the best possible way – as a group of curious kids all frolicked around Iceland’s coastline using LV hat boxes as musical instruments. Our photographic tour of Iceland takes place as if through the eyes of our six-year-old selves. This time, we’ve upped our sandcastle-building game by constructing an Eifel Tower out of Louis Vuitton’s legendary Alzer trunks.

Many in the fashion industry have taken this approach, of putting nature first, to offer a sense of escapism at a time we need it most. Louis Vuitton, however, has possibly been the best in transporting us outside of our isolation bubbles. We’re all extremely grateful for the free holibobs.

Photography by Viviane Sassen.