Thursday 17th May

| BY Roxy Lola

Louis Vuitton Celebrate The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia With Special Collection


We’re very pleased to find out that the FIFA World Cup will once again be carried and presented in a Louis Vuitton Travel Case. Honestly this is probably the most interest you’ll get out of us re football, but really, could the World Cup get more stylish? We would gladly be carried and presented in Louis Vuitton travel cases. The case will travel, trophy intact, to Russia where it will be revealed at the Opening and Final Matches. The trophy case lewk for 2018 is a titanium-covered laser engraved monogram sheen. Luxe. Each corner is secured in cowhide leather with ruthenium grey metal clasps, which, fun fact, has the chemical symbol Ru and was named after this years FIFA World Cup host. Anyway. Back to the fashion. Along with the trunk come some pieces for us regular LV lovers. Football/soccer (whatever) balls have been worked onto the Keepall and Apollo bag styles as well as two wallets, a pocket organiser, a coin purse and luggage tags. For the patriotic, customers can choose from one of the 35 national flags competing in the cup, to make sure their leather accessories are just right. Thanks Louis Vuitton for providing the key accessories for those venturing to the World Cup – and also for those of us who want to impress our football loving crushes. Nothing says ‘I love sport’ like a Louis Vuitton football inspired handbag.