Thursday 13th September

| BY Tamsyn Chandler

Louis Vuitton Launch Their New Perfume Campaign Starring Emma Stone

The delicate scent of peonies carried through the air in a blur of Turkish roses, the heady essences of bergamot and earthly patchouli following closely behind. Cut to a bowl of sweet Lychee fruits and hints of ginger, framed by the rich aroma of African cocoa flowers. Imagine this dreamy concoction, then image the woman who would wear this fragrance. Are you envisioning Emma Stone? Well, you should be because that’s exactly what Louis Vuitton did for their latest fragrance. Attrape-Rêves was been created by Louis Vuitton’s house master perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud. It’s today that both the fragrance and its short film campaign see the light of day.

Directed by Sam Mendes, our LV gal Emma Stone portrays a woman throughout different stages of her life. The film explores the different moments and emotions in a women’s life journey whilst also giving a nod to Louis Vuitton’s heritage as a maker of leather travel goods. In photographs we see Emma in a Grecian style dress on the beach at sunset, whilst in the film we see her dressed for these different stages of life. From exploring the cherry blossom temples of Japan to taking to the stage in a theatre, in each shot is a new journey, evocative of the storytelling held within this elegant glass vessel. No matter what your stage or station in life is, the only perfume to occupy your dressing table should be this ethereal incarnation of the spirit of travel. Attrape-Rêves, our dreams are caught in this pink bottle!

Attrape-Rêves by Louis Vuitton is launching today online and in stores worldwide.