Monday 17th August

| BY Paul Toner

Get In Touch With Your Crafty Side At Louis Vuitton’s New Harrods Pop-Up

Remember how fun arts and crafts was? The ultimate highlight to every school week – dousing yourself in glitter, PVA glue and all sorts of multicoloured mess as you created your very own masterpieces was absolutely cracking. Whilst you may receive a few funny looks if you start to whip out sequins and a Pritt Stick in the office, Louis Vuitton has created the next best thing. Launched this weekend at a brand new pop-up inside Harrods, the LV Crafty Collection is about letting your mind run free with bold renditions of the classic Louis Vuitton monogram. Inside the space, you will be able to splash out on a selection of iconic LV pieces which have had an arty make-over. From the Onthedo and NéoNoé to the Boite Chapeau Souple bag, each leather good comes in expressive prints inspired by graffiti art and neo-expressionism.

Inside the Harrods space, the walls pop in red and white monogram across all surfaces. There’s even a statue of the house’s mascot, Vivienne, who sports a monogrammed bib herself (very cute, indeed). Interactive screens align the walls where you will be able to customize your LV goodies according to your own tastes. Pretty neat, no? The space is open from now until December, where it will go under three different change-overs to spotlight a different capsule collection each time. What’s coming next, you ask? We wouldn’t want to spoil all the fun now, would we?

The Louis Vuitton pop-up store is open until December at Harrods, London.