Thursday 27th June

| BY Paul Toner

Louis Vuitton Reveals a New Collection of Men’s Jewellery – Here’s How to Wear It

Finding statement men’s jewellery can be quite the chore. The closest we usually get to owning a piece of gold or silver we can truly treasure is being third in-line for Grandad’s Rolex, or a 21st birthday charm we fall out of love with in a years time. I can recall spending a select few of my childhood birthdays trawling through the Argos catalogue, snarling at the seemingly endless collection of chunky G-Shocks and fragile Casio watches, thinking- is this it? Thankfully, there’s been an influx of some truly desirable men’s pieces this season, spearheaded by Virgil Abloh, who pays homage to the rainbow palette of his debut Louis Vuitton outing with a slick collection of fine jewellery. The designer has introduced a completely new chain, inspired by Cuban links and wider hip-pop and skate culture – if that’s not ticking all your boxes, I don’t know what will. The chains are exceptional: as you travel across each link, a new hue is introduced. Some are stamped in the signature LV monogram, others fitted with pastel coloured diamonds. Prefer a matte finish? A monogram emblazoned ring and pendent neckless are equally great – wear them together for the full LV look.

Then comes the question – where does one wear such incredible pieces? You could save them for special occasions perhaps? Wear them to a family wedding and your mum won’t even bat an eyelid at the fact you’ve been living on beans-on-toast to pay your new gems. Talk about upstaging the bride, I doubt anyone would be paying attention to the bouquet toss, all eyes would be on the ice around your neck. Equally you could just wear them on the daily – a Virgil approved spice to your everyday life. I’m sure Colin who works at your local Dixy Chicken, or Sandra who comes round with the Avon, would love to see your fresh new jewels. Investing in a piece from this collection means you’ll never have to make a trip to Argos again – unless you need a new kettle of course.

Louis Vuitton’s new men’s jewellery pieces are available online now.