Thursday 12th October

| BY Jack Moss

Louis Vuitton Reveal Chapter Two Of Their “Masters” Collaboration With Jeff Koons


Laid eyes on this yesterday but was SWORN to secrecy by the people at Louis Vuitton (papers, NDAs, everything) – but now *thank the fashion gods* all can be revealed. Presenting la Gauguin (ed’s note: not official name) – part of the second chapter of LV’s Masters collaboration with Jeff Koons, which sees the mega-artist draw on the works of those who came before, putting their most famous works onto Louis Vuitton’s brill leather goods. And, in the case of the above (not to get all art history on you) Paul Gauguin basically birthed modern art so this is like a TOTALLY important accessory.

This new chapter sees Koons draw on a whole new raft of art masters – this time, François Boucher, Paul Gauguin, Édouard Manet, Claude Monet, Nicolas Poussin and J.M.W. Turner joining those artists from the last time round (ummm, Mona Lisa bag anyone?) to create a whole new range of accessories. Over to Koons: “They are part of my DNA. When somebody walks down the street with this bag, or sits in a cafe with this bag, it’s communicating a love of humanism.”

Each bag also comes with the the special JK take on the LV monogram monogram, as well as the rabbit tag – an ode to his most famous work, the faux-inflatable “Rabbit”. They’re total collectors item. Shop Chapter Two of Louis Vuitton Masters in stores October 27th.

Shop the collection from October 27th at Louis Vuitton, 17-20 Bond Street, London, W1S 2RB

#LVxKoons MASTERS: #LouisVuitton and @JeffKoons continue the adventure, with new collections featuring the world’s greatest artists. Available worldwide Oct. 27. Learn more now at

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