Friday 10th August

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Louis Vuitton Tambour Monogram Tourbillon Just


Just spotted the enclosed on which I check every so often, giving into the part of my brain that WISHES I were a rapstar come entrepreneur, or otherwise just a 30 something independently wealthy ‘dude’ that still enjoys skateboarding. My highlights are always the timepiece posts, as lets face it- a whacking great watch is the ultimate status symbol for todays fashion conscious bloke. Take Mr. Yohan Blake who faces an enormous fine for not removing his watch during the Olympics 100 metre finals. There I was thinking -babes, you mighta beat Bolt if your wrist weren’t weighing you down! When Louis Vuitton’s new Tambour Monogram Tourbillon appeared before me. Features include wheels and carriage inspired by the petal motif of antique trunks, hands hollowed out from solid gold, and an exotic stingray strap. So I now understand Blakes issue. If my OWN dream watch were finally in my possession- yes this one numpty! Then frankly- FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS, it ain’t never coming off! Available from select Louis Vuittons flagships from Autumn.

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by Vincent Levy