Thursday 2nd April

| BY Helena Fletcher

Introducing LV Escale, Louis Vuitton’s Shibori Inspired Summer Collection

The earliest written accounts of the shibori date back to 238 C.E. Originating from Japan, shibori is a manual resist-dyeing technique used to create patterns on fabric – simply put it’s similar to an elevated tie-dye. Alongside seaside holidays, the traditional technique has inspired Louis Vuitton’s summer collection LV Escale. Gradient washes of bold colours in three different palettes appear across everything from swimwear to sandals via sun hats, hats, scarves and leather goods; all juxtaposed against the house’s iconic monogram pattern.

A deep-sea blue and aquatic turquoise come together, fused by strips of white inspired by the indigo-dyed tones of traditional shibori. A second variation sees red and pink flow together, reminiscent of the shades created when using beetroot or madder, leaving you dreaming of sipping grenadine fulled-cocktails on a faraway beach. The third takes the form of pastel palette goes from baby pink to sandy yellow to a muted cornflower blue. You’ll be pleased to know that the likes of the Keepall, Speedy and Neverfull have all been given the treatment, and the Onthego has been embroidered with far-flung holiday destinations. With a campaign photographed by Hill and Aubrey, LV Escale will leave you dreaming of a sunny stopover.

Louis Vuitton’s LV Escale Summer 20 collection is available now online.