LVMH Prize 2016 Shortlist Announced


Just to add a little more fashion to an already fashion-based week, the shortlist for this year’s LVMH prize has been announced today. All that we are left thinking is how is one to choose from such a talented line up? Throw them all into a Hunger Games style arena in bloody battle until one of them comes out on top? Nope, of course not. That would be silly. Instead, we hand over to an expert judging panel – 41 of them, who know far more than us. See the whole list below…

Aalto, by Tuomas Merikoski
Alex Mullins
Alyx, by Matthew Williams
Astrid Andersen
Brandon Maxwell
Caitlin Price
Cottweiler, by Ben Cottrell and Matthew Dainty
Facetasm, by Hiromichi Ochiai
Feng Chen Wang, by Fengchen Wang
Koché, by Christelle Kocher
Koike, by Yuko Koike
Männistö, by Julia Männistö
Melitta Baumeister
Mikio Sakabe
Moto Guo
Ms Min, by Min Liu
Soshi Otsuki
Vaqar, by Shirin and Shiva Vaqar
Vejas, by Vejas Kruszewski
Wales Bonner, by Grace Wales Bonner
Wanda Nylon, by Johanna Senyk
Xu Zhi, by Xuzhi Chen
Y/Project, by Glenn Martens