Tuesday 26th February

| BY Dino Bonacic

The Mighty Seven – Meet The Londoners In The Run For the 2019 LVMH Prize

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The fact that London’s fashion talent is ruling is no news to us. Yet it feels quite amazing when seven out of 20 semi-finalists of the LVMH Prize are London-based. This success proves that, despite the political dismay, the creative brains are working harden than ever before. And so we present to you the Mighty Seven – Londoners in the run for the 2019 edition of the LVMH Prize and the creative geniuses forming the image of tomorrow.

Bethany Williams (@bethany_williams_london)

Fresh out of her debut London Fashion Week show, Bethany Williams had quite a season. She was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Award for design by the Duchess of Cornwall herself. Williams is known for her patchwork prints and oversized silhouettes but at the heart of her design is a conscious effort towards environmental change and social development. Often collaborating with UK charities, it is important to Williams that this is what captures the whole essence of her collections. From the materials she uses down to the models that take the catwalk. Williams’ approach to fashion design inspires the possibility of adhering to a more responsible and self-conscious mindset towards the planet’s resources. Design for change – that’s how she does it. Sarah Buthcart


Eftychia by Eftychia Karamolegkou (@eftychia.efka.ef)

There’s always a soft spot in our hearts for the Greek. The Editrix herself is a Greek goddess after all. So, you can imagine our excitement when we saw that the recent CSM-graduate Eftychia Karamolegkou was shortlisted for the LVMH prize. Her look is quite clear and crisp – women’s tailoring that is all about the fine details and even finer cuts. With an unlikely muse (her name is Nicolas Cage), Karamolegkou has a pretty scholar approach to fashion design – subdued yet strong, subtle but impactful. It’s the modernity of minimalism, approached with a maximalist’s appetite – who doesn’t want to own a great suit in a sleek neutral hue? This is what sartorial goals are made of. Dino Bonacic


Kiko Kostadinov (@kikokostadinov)

Finishing his MA in Fashion Design only three years ago, Kiko Kostadinov has since become a staple on the London Fashion week schedule. The Central Saint Martins graduate always keeps us on our toes – whether it’s his numerous collaboration with legendary streetwear brands or introducing a women’s side of the brand. Kostadinov also designed a collection for Mackintosh which debuted in Paris for AW17, just a year after earning the New Gen Men British Fashion Council Support – the first menswear student to receive this. He’s a fast rising star, one you can shop at Dover Street Market for. High-detailed techniques, and a unique blend of street couture – Kiko is the modern representation of London. Sarah Butchart


Paria/Farzaneh by Paria Farzaneh (@pariafarzaneh)

As soon as she launched her first collection back in 2017, it was clear Paria Farzaneh knew what she was doing. The interesting marriage of smart streetwear silhouettes with her Iranian heritage has been garnering attention ever since, establishing Farzaneh as one of London’s menswear names to remember. She’s collabed with Converse, dressed Frank Ocean and present her first catwalk show in January during London Fashion Week Men’s. And she’s not stopping there – her AW19 collection was already a massive departure from her previous work, urging for change in way we look at menswear. Swapping trackies for casual suiting, she is moving the youth conversation forward, and we’re there for the ride. Dino Bonacic


Richard Malone (@richardmalone)

Calm in nature but loud with his designs, Richard Malone is a man that merges contrasting ides in a harmonious way. And he’s been doing so since 2015 when he debuted his brand as part of the Fashion East platform. Inspired by the Irish working class (he comes from Wexford), Malone creates sculptural clothes that are somewhere between the realms of ready-to-wear and art pieces. But what they consistently carry is this powerful idea of joy – his progressive ideas on upscaling and sustainability contribute to the positive impact his collections have on the world. Who wouldn’t want to wear a massive coat made out of dog beds? Fun faux fur indeed. Dino Bonacic


Stefan Cooke by Stefan Cooke and Jake Burt (@stefan_cooke)

Fellow CSM graduates, business partners, boyfriends… Stefan Cooke and Jake Burt are a dream duo that know how to work together. Their refurbished vintage bags are currently selling out at Matches Fashion while their collection is available from Dover Street Markets worldwide – and they’ve only showed three collections, all as part of Fashion East. Yes, we’re still waiting to see their solo debut, but judging by their upward trajectory, it’s going to be a hit. Stefan Cooke is all about traditional craft, packaged into contemporary menswear silhouettes with feminine elegance. They’ve already received the 2018 H&M Design Award – is the LVMH one next? We’ll have to wait and see. Dino Bonacic


Susan Fang (@susanfangofficial)

Originally from China, grew up in Canada and the US, now based in London. Susan Fang is an international being that materialises intellectual ideas and avant-garde fashion. And it all stems from maths. We might only be able to count to 10, but we can definitely appreciate the beauty on show.The focus of her brand is innovation – textiles, colours and silhouettes all have a futuristic note about them. As part of her brand, she developed a technique called Air-weave, allowing the fabric to float between two and three-dimensional realms, leading to a design and textile innovation that presents colours and forms with fluid movements. And just look at those accessories? Beads descending into bags and shoes that look like they’re part of the royal jewels. We need! Dino Bonacic


The semi-finals for the LVMH Prize take place March 1st till March 2nd 2019.