Wednesday 8th July

| BY Claudia Croft

Maison Margiela Is Releasing Its Latest Artisanal Collection In Four Parts

Couture in the time of a pandemic? With varying degrees of clarity, brands and designers have been wrestling with what this should look like. Who do we look to for direction? With his young creative team, coupled with an unorthodox approach to creativity and consumption John Galliano’s Maison Margiela is a leading voice. He won’t present his full co-ed artisanal offering until July 16, but released the first of three teasers during digital couture week. The short clip, featured a ‘test card’ graphic count down, before cutting to a throbbing thermal image of glowing figure of Leon Dame. The Margiela muse, reprised his epic catwalk strut towards the camera. The glowing heat-sensitive imagery looked abstract and painterly – like a Rothko come to life. Red for hot, blue for cold, with a spectrum in between, it was also a clear reference to the new temperature checks we must all now submit to at airports.  Surveillance and the body – abstracted and reimagined. Set your reminder for the next instalment at 2pm, UK time on July 11.