Tuesday 28th January

| BY 10Magazine

Maison Martin Margiela Pre Fall 2014 I Like To


I like to think that if this collection had a name it’s name would be shrug. Or maybe off-shoulder. A double barrel name sounds just that bit classier. Either would work though as this is all about things that are off the shoulder. That shrug off the shoulder. Oversized masculine coast and cocoon shaped knits that hang at the back, sleeves bunched up at the wrists. Apparently this was all inspired by the idea of distortion, but I like to think that it was inspired by shrugging. The act wrapping yourself up in a shrug to keep warm. Because it has been very cold lately. Especially in our office. We’ve all taken to wearing shawls. Maybe the Margiela atelier is particularly cold too. Hence the shrug like tailoring.


by Natalie Dembinska