Monday 5th September

| BY Jack Moss

Marc Jacobs’ Dog Has Had Book Written About Him

Marc Jacobs

Personally, I have never been a huge fan of the canine species, mostly because I refuse to see the joy of owning something that implores you to collect its waste product in a plastic bag, though I am aware that this is an opinion that makes me the minority, as evidenced by the looks one receives if you articulate this fact. But anyway, I can appreciate Neville Jacobs because, yes, whilst he is a dog, he is also a dog that happens to be owned by Marc Jacobs and thus has a most enviable wardrobe and fabulous life. And now he’s gone and got a book written about him. Yep, Neville Jacobs: I’m Marc’s Dog, documents the life of “the world’s hardest working dog” (T Magazine) via the hundreds of Instagram pictures of the bull terrier. According to the blurb: “drawing on hundreds of photographs taken of Neville from puppyhood to today, this charming book not only captures the character of one charismatic animal, but also sheds light (and some fur) on the busy and glamorous world of a downtown New York dog.” If this sounds like something you would enjoy reading, it is out in the UK on September 20th. Woof!

Neville Jacobs: I’m Marc’s Dog is published by Rizzoli on September 20, 2016.