Friday 19th January

| BY Richard Gray

Martine Rose: 10 Years At The Top

Everything you see in these incredible pictures is the product of the last ten years. And each picture cements Martine Rose’s reputation as the designer who took contemporary British menswear – and with it London – to an extraordinary new standard. This 10-year archive, however, is more than just that. Each piece has been tweaked, rethought and further developed to create a new proposal from a former one. And this, in turn, became Rose’s AW18 collection. It’s a wardrobe and library of Rose’s ever developing thoughts and unparalleled understanding of line and silhouette.

It’s Rose, whose voluminous trousers and tops with heavy nods to past dance and tribal cultures, who has lead modern men’s fashion to where it currently stands today. Her seasonal line changes yet there is something always “Martine Rose” in everything she creates. Her brand has become adjectival and describes a raw and beautiful teen energy, which many of her peers chase but invariably fail to capture.

The images were created by three different and respected photographers: Sharna Osborne, Charlotte Wales and Heji Shin and Rose wanted to chance an experiment to see how each would interpret an equal third of the collection. The images were then brought together to sit as opposites. But it wasn’t that straightforward: Rose and her team were surprised at how each image – and each photographer’s differing style – chimed. The art direction, of course, is flawless, as are the clothes. This is ten years of talent and change.

Happy tenth birthday, Martine Rose.