Thursday 2nd April

| BY Paul Toner

Ten Loves: Spinocchia Freund x Mary Katrantzou Dinner Set

Being locked indoors all day might’ve put you off on the idea of purchasing any new clothes recently. What’s the point of buying a new party frock with nowhere to wear it too? Or a new crisp white blouse if you’re likely to spill your lunch-time Pot Noodle down it on your first wear? The premise of showing off fancy fashions during lockdown is pretty slim. Though one thing you’re bound to be doing is cooking, eating and combating a mountain of dirty dishes that pile up at the end. Scrubbing that same beige dinner set someone unfortunately gifted you on your wedding day probably isn’t the most visually stimulating thing to be continually glaring at from day-to-day. You deserve to treat yourself to some new kitchenware…

Thankfully, Brigitta Spinocchia Freund couldn’t have picked a better designer to brighten up your kitchen, teaming up with Mary Katrantzou on a 61-piece dinner service set. Celebrating Katrantzou’s 10th-anniversary show, excellent prints that first appeared in the collection find their way onto saucers, plates, cups, and even a teapot. Everything from perfume bottles and postage stamps to butterflies and shells dazzle across the UK-made fine bone china. Each piece is completed with hand-painted gold rims and adorned with gold bees and honeycombs to give that ultimate luxury feel. Now that’s what we call fine dining!

The Spinocchia Freund x Mary Katrantzou 61-piece dinner service set is available now. /