Wednesday 12th September

| BY Dino Bonacic

Matches Fashion Launch Their Third Innovators For SS19



We love ourselves some emerging designer fashion, and there’s one destination that’s always on our shopping list which makes buying those much easier. The Innovators by Matches Fashion is a seasonal design talent incubator programme, focusing on a group of young designers and highlighting their talent. And what better way to highlight someone’s talent than to sell their clothes to the world? Going into its third season, the platform pushes designers in the early stages of their career to focus their commercial side and transform their creativity into a fully functioning fashion business.

The chosen innovators for SS19 are Germanier, Noki, Ingy Stockholm and Petersonstoop. They are four designers representing very different design categories, aesthetics and even diverse geographic locations. Paris-based but run by Swiss designer Kevin Germanier, Germanier debunks the idea of sustainability and turns it into a high-glam, glittery vision of beauty. Bringing another point to the world of sustainability, Brighton-based Noki gives sportswear a whole new, subversive look with its mixing and matching of prints and branding. Then there’s the jewellery – Ingy Stockholm – quite obvious where they come from – use pieces of old fallen trees to create their stunning statement earrings. The final Innovator is Petersonstoop, a genderless footwear brand from Amsterdam that updates classic shoe shapes with high-quality materials.

Sounds pretty good, right? Well, you’re in luck. All the collections from the Matches Innovators are launching today at, and inside the newly opened Mayfair townhouse space at 5 Carlos Place on Saturday, September 15th. Polish the credit cards, and off we go!

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