Friday 3rd February

| BY 10Magazine

Merces Benz Alex Prager Film Starring Lara


Opening shots of Alex Pragers new Mercedes short. Gap toothed goddess Lara Stone pulls up In Mercedes Benz SLR roadster, dressed head to toe in Calvin Klein Collection and disembarks with stylish luggage set. A kind of conquering expression on her face. Scene fairly similar to our Editrix in Chief’s recent return from Couture week. The bombshell in charge rocks a similar look, and oh yes…drives a shiny Merc too. Something biographical about the whole thing? Main difference being that Lara’s sucked up by a tornado and our masthead Queen (in her necessary pursuit of perfection) sometimes behaves like one. Don’t get us wrong…wouldn’t have it any other way! We’re certain she’d love the cinematic quality of the enclosed. Silver Screens the subject of our latest issues you see, and the house of Benz seem to also understand (as described in latest Ed’s letter) that film is ‘an everlasting fountain of inspiration’. You mean you haven’t bought them yet? Then go forth to the newsagents dear Tenners…take the Merc maybe? we know- it’s almost the weekend!