Friday 9th May

| BY 10Magazine

Michael Kors Jet Set Experience Tonight In A


Tonight, in a 30,000-square-foot jet hanger in Shanghai, Michael Kors will present “The Michael Kors Jet Set Experience”. Sounds sexy. “The Ted Stansfield Jet Set Experience” definitely doesn’t have the same ring to it. Anyway, the location seems incredibly apt given that the Michael Kors lady is a jet setter by nature. However the jet setter lifestyle doesn’t necessarily equate to air travel. As Michael poignantly just tweeted (16 minutes ago, to be precise): “Jet set, to me, means dressing for a quick, fast life. Whether that entails a private plane or bus depends on who you are.” I like that. I can get the 134 to work and be a jet setter. Cool. Thanks, Michael. Tonight’s event promises to be an immersive experience of the Michael Kors brand. There’s to be music, film, a runway show and, best of all, holograms. Welcome to the future, people.

By Ted Stansfield