Wednesday 13th February

| BY 10Magazine

Michael Kors New York Fashion Week A W 13 Goes


Goes all bright and sporty chic on us. I do like a hight top pony hair do. Any one for a pair of wrap around shades ? Michael is the King of double faced cashmere and uptown eleganza – the Kors LADY is always tanned and smiling (probably because she’s so filthy rich and standing on the prow of her yacht). Sometimes we close our eyes and imagine what it would be like to live this lifestyle – waking up in the morning in our palatial flat on the upper eastside, tinkling a small bell, someone arriving with a pot of coffee from deep within the recesses of the building. We’d kiss our children as they were whisked off to school, slip into an entirely beige Kors look, and then go make money from money! A BOY CAN DREAM or Jack can really.

by Antony Miles with a lot of help from Jack Sunnucks