Monday 6th June

| BY 10Magazine


We’d like to term this fantasy spywear. We imagine that top ranking female spies/ assassin types , when emerging from the sea on a desert island in the manner of an underwater nymph, or Ursula Andress, rather than run into the arms of some James Bond type, would instead unzip their wetsuit to reveal a fabulous scuba dress and then get down to the buisness of kicking some ass, after which, she’ll take a quick break on the newly vacated sun lounger, restorative Campari and orange in hand. The length is perfect for high kicks and those cut aways at the shoulder show off slender toned arms to perfection. But then Michael did always know how to show a lady off to her best advantage. In fact you could probably do away with the whole wetsuit idea and just swim and spy in these. Why obscure a vision of perfection?

by Natalie Dembinska