Tuesday 23rd February

| BY Sabrina Soormally

Miu Miu Launches Miu Miusic App

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 17.12.57

Goddess of all things, Miuccia Prada, has teamed up with a dear old friend for her latest project – Mr Frederic Sanchez, DJ-extradordinaire, who has composed ten tracks especially for the new, aptly named Miu Miusic app. Mixing your choice of song with a selection of Miu Miu pics; the app splices and dices the two together with clips from this season’s show and to make a completely bespoke video, designed by you, for you. How nice of it. Miu Miu promise that “no two clips will ever be the same” but with song names like ‘In The Bush’ and ‘Ride The Snake’, it will be fun trying to prove them wrong. To quote our good pal Mr Press Release, “the modern Miu Miu woman has many roles to play, her femininity as multifaceted as the world she builds around her. Miu Miusic explores the many intersecting planes of the Miu Miu world in an elaborate and revealing exploration of the intersection between music, fashion and technology.”