Thursday 3rd September

| BY Dominic Cadogan


I love fairytales (well I used to) and I love Miu Miu (still do). So you can guess how excited I was when I heard the announcement about the new Miu Miu Women’s Tale. To tell the truth it is not actually a traditional fairytale and is more of an anti-fairytale but this seems a lot more fitting now I’m a real life adult. Directed by octogenarian triple threat (filmmaker, artist and photographer) Agnès Varda the film features around Jasmine “a headstrong, a dreamer, a realist” and follows her on her journey when she is delivered a magical magenta ball dress.

“I am curious” says Jasmine, when she first receives the package. And you should be too.

The film will be released shortly after its world premiere today as part of Venice Film Festival