Wednesday 17th February

| BY Natalie Dembinska


Another day, another party. Well it is fashion week so what did you expect. Anyway, this time it’s the turn of Miu Miu to do the hosting in celebration of the latest instalment of their Women’s Tales, Seed, directed by Naomi Kawase. And what is the latest tale about? To shamelessly cut an paste from the official notes, “a girl journeys from Nara’s nature and wildlife to Tokyo’s throng of crowds and congestion. Along the way, she encounters a young boy, who gifts her an apple, which in turn is later gifted into dancing chiffon fabric by a homeless man. Throughout the transformations, the girl moves like a tree swaying in the wind. She expresses a spirit that secretly runs through these different living things and places.” So now you know. Obviously there was a glittering array of guests in attendance as you can tell from the pictures, all dressed in fabulous fashions from Miu Miu and enjoying the free flowing champagne.