Tuesday 15th November

| BY Jack Moss

Miuccia Prada Honoured At Glamour’s Women Of The Year Awards

Glamour Women Of The Year 2016 - Backstage

Look, Mrs Prada carrying a large red award. Is there anything you would rather see on a miserable Tuesday morning? The award in question is a Glamour Women of The Year award, handed to Miuccia last night for her services to fashion, art and culture. Obvi the lady in question looked ma-jor to pick up the award in New York, selecting midnight blue SS17 Prada and a silver disco shoe. Dominic thinks this look is a sort of Linda Evangelista I-don’t-get-out-of-bed-for-less-that-a-million-dollar moment – boudoir to red carpet, noting the outfit’s likeness to a most fabulous pair of PJs, complete with sprays of ostrich feathers upon the arms. I mean, what else does one wear in between the sheets? Of course, Miuccia doesn’t actually look like she’s rolled out of bed. She looks phenom. “She slayed everyone,” Dominic says through a misty eye. The award was presented by another lady of note, Anna Wintour, who also chose Prada for the occasion. “With a body of work spanning multiple disciplines, Miuccia Prada is recognized as a trailblazer whose critical faculties have shaped a successful and prominent business with a consistent point of view,” the accompanying release tells us. “Prada’s innovative spirit is rooted in her sincere interest in the arts, permanently curious and never quite satisfied, and a constant questioning of the contemporary world.” Woman of the year? Woman of the century, we say.