Thursday 5th November

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Miuccia Prada Honoured by WSJ. Magazine

Miuccia Prada

Thursday’s often lull. Not quite the humpday boost of Wednesday and definitely not the excitement of Friday. But this Thursday I was feeling particularly optimistic. “Why?” you ask. Well. Last night, my mother Miuccia (sorry mum) was awarded at the MoMA for her contribution to the world of fashion, outside of fashion. Who better to commend her than I? The background on my phone for ages was Mother Miuccia looking cute. And this one time I had a dream that Miuccia and I were best friends and ever since then it has been my life goal to make it a reality. So this is my love letter to you Miuccia, vicariously through the Spice Girls. “Miuccia I love you, Miuccia I care. Miuccia I love love, Miuccia my friend, my friend.” Congratulations on the award Mrs P. and keep up the great work.