Friday 24th November

| BY Finn Blythe

Molly Goddard Unveils A New Installation At Dover Street Market


Molly Goddard has arrived at Dover Street Market in more ways than one. Not only have her wondrous Resort 2018 creations erupted in an explosion of colour, volume and tulle on to the shop floor, but so too have some mummified sculptural totems, those that were lovingly crafted by her mother, set-designer Sarah Edwards, ahead of Molly’s V&A Fashion In Motion show earlier this year. The props have now been brought to the Ground Floor of DSM, in a space imagined and designed by Sarah, from the 20th to the 29th of November.

It was, in fact, Goddard’s mother who nurtured her love of the museum, the temple of British arts and crafts, prompting the creation of these wonderful, gift-wrapped silhouettes – resembling something between swaddled, pre-historic artefacts and a zany assortment of Christmas gifts. They are, of course, a reflection of Molly’s love of texture and proportion, something you don’t need to look hard for in any of her collections, and dovetailing beautifully with what is hanging on the rails. /