Friday 31st May

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Mugler Follies So In New And Exciting News Not


So, in new and exciting news, not only is Thierry Mugler, now known as Manfred Mugler, returning to Mugler as creative adviser, he is also staging his very own cabaret. It tells the story of “a young woman looking for her inner balance. As a result of her unpredictable   and unusual encounters, she discovers and asserts herself, transforming into a sublime and blooming creature.” There will be acrobats, and dancers, and models and singers and eroticisim and dinner and champagne and song. As Manfred says himself, “the REVUE is a sparkling and gifted art, contemporary. It tends homage to the human beauty and all its talents.”  It will be spectacular when it lands in paris in December. Imagine if they did a Christmas show and you could spend Christmas day watching this. Imagine!

by Natalie Dembinska