Thursday 23rd June

| BY 10Magazine


Wondering how this adonis obtained all those medals? They buoyancy of those curls? Or something else?

Acid green is best served with a deep tan, I’ve tried it with my pallid complexion and it all went a bit Halloween…

The acid wash Bros look…I need it!

Taking me back to my Camden Market Cyber Dog heyday- blurry as those memories are!

The concept of medallion man was taken to another level at the Mugler show in Paris yesterday evening….an intergalactic one actually. Gold appeared in the form of Mugler coins on rope chains and full on body armour, adorning hunks in trunks and grungier guys in futuristic suiting. Wearable is the most fitting of words, though this appeared in 2 forms. Wearable in the everyday ‘he’s looking sharp’ sense,  and wearable in the on the beach/in da club (if you’ve got it flaunt it) kind of way. We loved both, and flaunt it they will- Nicola’s racy promo film ‘Brothers of Arcadia’ premieres on Xtube today. 

by Vincent Levy