Wednesday 19th January

| BY 10Magazine


As we all sit in the dark garage in central Paris waiting for the show to
 start the anticipation and energy is totally tangible. I sit next to the font of knowledge that is Jo-Ann Furniss who facilitates me with endless
 information, explaining that the man with a huge skeleton adorning his entire body -Is in fact permanently tattooed. He acts as the main character in the
wonderful Mariano Vivanco film projected behind the show, chiffon whipping 
around his body and face. The new Gaga track pounds as boys stomp out onto the catwalk like an army of Mugler-ites. Classic suiting is shown with tar covered boys (just their heads not the clothes sweetie), giving a real editorial 
feel to a collection that when dissected will sell. 

My favourite was a vivid orange/red cropped felt suit, that font Jo-Ann tells me was based on an original suit owned by Mugler himself! The brilliant thing is that Mugler always totally understood the value of showmanship. Nicola and Romain have more than upheld the mantle in creating specific looks that when styled, easily stand out from the crowd as a single picture on These clothes will give fashion editorials a new sense of creative relevance, bringing drama to any shoot in which they star. Finally this house may have cracked bringing the brand back to life. With the combination of Nicola and a Gaga soundtrack who could ask for anything more! 

By Sophia Neophitou Apostolou