Tuesday 18th October

| BY 10Magazine



Anyone old enough to remember, and that means everyone – the thought that there might be someone out there too young to remember isn’t an idea we’ll in any way entertain – will remember the original Polly Pocket. Those mini dolls the size of a fingernail that lived in pocket-sized compacts shaped like flowers and shells made of glorious pastel-coloured plastic that never really fitted into the pockets of clothes sewn for ages 4-8. Polly herself never really fitted into her little hole in which she stood and so was prone to getting lost. Her size also meant she was perfect for inserting into noses and ears or even for choking on. After an hour of sharing your life with Polly, she would be MIA and you would be left with a plastic compact that would be refashioned into a poof or an art deco cabinet for Barbie’s dream house. The reason we mention Polly Pocket (yes, we are finally getting to the point) is that Mulberry has designed a Polly Pocket for grown-ups. Kind of. It’s not plastic, isn’t a mini doll. It is, in fact, a bag. The Polly Push Lock. This bag, you see, just like Polly Pocket’s compact carry case, pushes shut. Makes the same satisfying click when opening and closing, but more so as it’s the sound of expensive metal clicking, not cheap plastic. Just as Polly’s compact home had an air of 1950s Hollywood glamour (those shells reeked of Jean Harlow), so Polly Push Lock, with her schoolgirly satchel thing – well, she is the Neely’s sister – speaks of a kooky 1970s cool. With her high-sheen grain leather, rounded handle and envelope-flap closure, she brings to mind Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. Yes, we know: most oversubscribed reference in the history of humanity ever. But it’s true. Worn across the body she turns anyone into Annie Hall. If you won’t take our word for it, why not just trot down to the Bond Street shop and try it on for yourself? But before you do, think: have we ever lied to you before? No. Didn’t think so. So, for those of you who miss the days of pining after a new Polly Pocket, say hello to Polly Push Lock. It’s all about that click. 


by Natalie Dembinska